Birr Town Football Club expects all members to behave in an appropriate manner whilst associated with the club. This includes on the football pitch, off the pitch, and in any other situations that relate to the club. The club will take concerns about members’ behavior seriously. Members who behave in an inappropriate manner will be subject to the procedures and sanctions detailed below.


This Policy covers all activities associated with the club and external activities that could affect the club. This includes on-pitch discipline and other times when representing the club.



This policy is based on the principles of


  • Obeying the rules and code of conduct of Birr Town Football Club
  • Developing skills, teamwork, and self-respect in players and volunteers
  • Fair play between all
  • Mutual respect for all those people involved
  • Fostering a team and family spirit within the club
  • Developing community spirit and pride within our community


Code of Conduct

Birr Town Football Club expects all those involved in the club to uphold the principles above. The club has adopted Codes of Conduct to guide members’ behavior. The Codes of Conduct are available from the Club Secretary or by visiting HERE



To ensure consistency in dealing with members’ discipline the club will follow set procedures. Those procedures are detailed below. Foo

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Discipline Committee

The club committee will appoint a chairperson and four members of a Club

Discipline Committee at the first or subsequent committee meeting after the AGM. The quorum for any discipline matters shall be three members of this committee.


The Club Discipline Committee will operate under the following guidelines

  • All decisions must involve at least three members of the committee
  • The committee need not meet to make a decision but can communicate via phone or email
  • All decisions must be reported to the Club Committee at an appropriate meeting.
  • The Chairperson will ensure no member of the Club Discipline Committee, including themselves, has a conflict of interest with the matter at hand.
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained, particularly in relation to child protection cases


Club Discipline Committee Remit

The committee shall be responsible for all disciplinary matters involving club members including, but not limited to

  • On Pitch Discipline (during competition)
  • Off Pitch Discipline (Pre / Post games, Training, Seminars, etc.)
  • Child Protection issues
  • Criminal investigations that could affect the club


The protection of children is paramount and therefore any allegations involving child protection or drug use or distribution shall result in immediate suspension from any involvement with children until the matter has been investigated. This is not a form of discipline but occurs to ensure the child or other club members are protected from any chance of harm.


Club Discipline Committee Method of operation

To ensure consistency the committee should follow this procedure:


  • Any discipline matter should be reported in writing to the Chair of the Club Discipline Committee. It is the responsibility of the team captains to inform the Chair of any disciplinary matters.
  • The Chair shall maintain accurate records of each and every matter that arises (See Appendix 1).
  • The Chair will inform the person, in writing, against whom the complaint has been made within seven to ten 10 days. The full details of the complaint shall be provided to the person whom the complaint is about.
  • The committee should proceed to investigate the matter to their satisfaction within a period of two weeks from when the matter has been reported.
  • The committee can interview any parties involved as necessary.
  • The committee will discuss the matter and impose appropriate sanctions. (See below)
  • To maintain consistency the committee should refer to previous matters in deciding what sanctions to impose.
  • The chair will inform the member concerned of these sanctions in writing.
  • The chair will also inform the Club Management Committee and the appropriate team coach (as required). This will be completed no later than four weeks after the incident.
  • Any matters that the Chair of the Discipline committee feels could be a criminal offense shall be reported to the Gardai.
  • Any matter that involves a person putting a child at risk of harm or causes actual harm and results in the person being removed from that position shall be referred to the Football Associations Child Protection Officer.
  • All written records will be kept for a minimum of seven year’s, at which they will be destroyed in confidence.


Automatic Sanctions

The club shall impose the following automatic sanctions. Any sanctions imposed by the club are in addition to sanctions imposed by local leagues or national bodies.


On Pitch Discipline

Match suspension and or Club fine. Suspension from all club activities and fine.


Code of Conduct

Depending on the seriousness of the breach of the code of conduct the sanction will include one or more of the following:

  • Written Formal Warning
  • Club Fine ranging from €50 to a maximum of €200
  • Suspension of all club-related activities
  • Membership suspension for one or more years


Child Protection Matters

Any person who is disqualified from working with children must inform the club immediately. The person will then be removed from a position involving access to children. This can include playing, coaching or in an administrative role.



The person has the right to appeal to the Club Management Committee against the imposition of sanctions or suspensions. Appeals can be lodged with the club chairman with payment of €40 appeal fee, which is refundable on the appeal being upheld.


The Club Management Executive, consisting of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, will meet to hear any appeal with representation from the Club Discipline Committee and the complainant.


Any decision by the Club Management Executive is deemed final and binding.