Club EGM

 Sat, 11th Mar, 2023

Monday April 17th, 7.30pm Dooleys Hotel

Birr Town AFC wishes to inform its members of an upcoming EGM on Monday, April 17th at 7.30 pm in Dooleys Hotel Birr.

The sole purpose of the EGM is to approve changes to the existing club constitution.

The committee will outline the rationale for these changes at the EGM. A single vote will be required to approve all the changes in their entirety.

The existing club constitution can be HERE

The full updated constitution with the proposed changes shown in red text can be found HERE

A summary of the changes is show below.

Proposed Constitution Changes

New Items Added

  1. Associate Membership - A new class of membership for those who use the facilities of the club but who do NOT get a vote at the AGM
  1. AGM Voting Rights – New clause stating that only those registered for a minimum of six months can vote at the AGM
  1. Membership Refusal – New clause allowing the club to refuse membership even if payment is taken first, as set a 14-day window in which members can be refused.


Items Removed

  1. Exclusion date for registering – Removed clause preventing those from changing after 30th of April up to AGM, as there is now a new clause to cover voting entitlements at the AGM which makes this redundant.
  1. Membership Admission Approval Process – Removed clause about people who want membership having to be proposed by existing members.
  1. AGM Election Limit – Existing clause says AGM must elect 7 members but not more than 9, removed the not more than 9 part of this clause.


Items Changed

  1. Club Name – Constitution updated to reflect the correct name as Birr Town Association FC, removing the word Amateur
  1. AGM Nomination – Any person proposed, is now not just proposed for the committee but for a specific role within the committee using a nomination form. Also changed notice period for nominations from 7 days ahead of AGM to 14 days.
  1. AGM Notice – Extended clause to say notice should go in social media channels as well as in the local paper