Thu, 18th May, 2023

Details of Motions & Committee Candidates

2023 AGM Agenda

  1. Opening Address
  2. Approval of 2022 AGM Minutes – see below
  3. Annual Report by Secretary
  4. Finance Update by Treasurer
  5. General Motions – See details below
  6. Election of Officers – See details below


2022 AGM Minutes
Birr Tn A.F.C. A.G.M. May  18th 2022 8.00pm
The Secretary gave his season report and thanked all managers/coaches fellow committee members and Morgan for looking after the grounds .  
The Chairman addressed the meeting and thanked Liam Lennon for all his work as secretary and all of the committee. Thanked John Cahill for all his work as the schoolboy/girls secretary. The Chairman then thanked the four lads who look after the lotto every Monday night and sell most of the tickets between them to keep the Club on the road, PJ Hoctor Willie Coughlan, Barry Hayes and Liam Lennon.  The Chairman went on to thank Ross Mitchell for keeping the reserve team going after such strange times and getting back to play the short season, John also thanked John Bergin for keeping the U19s together and playing as they would one day be the Clubs senior team. John went on to thank all the underage coaches and managers who gave up their time to look after the teams. John went on to thank Lisa and Erin Byrne for their support in the girls game.
Also the Chairman thanked Sylvia Kennedy for  her hard work visiting training sessions and collecting in training money.

The Chairman said that on a down side that discipline was wrong within the Club and was costing too much but it was something for the incoming committee to look at for next season. Also it’s not right to hear of a manger  saying a young player was  not good enough , The Chairman said its up to the manager to try make the player a better one. He said that Morgan our grounds man is under estimated and always has our ground looking well and brings up the profile of the Club. John went on to thank Eileen for running the shop and said it was nice on a Saturday morning for people to have a cuppa and a chat. John also thanked John Cahill for getting sponsorship of a new kit from Jacko. Lastly the Chairman thanked all our sponsors for helping us and wished everyone well.

Financial Report
The Treasurer PJ Hoctor thanked all of the committee for their work and all of the Lotto team who keep the money coming in to run the Club. The treasurer gave the floor to his assistant John Bergin to go through the accounts. 
John Bergin pointed out that for the year ending Apr 30th the Lotto made a profit of €21,000, Summer camp €10,000, €18,000 came in from training in the school and €6000 from our own pitches for training, the school were paid €12,000 for astro hire for training. €13,000 also taken in membership. The three big items were training lotto and membership to keep the Club running. Accounts were done by Tilley Baker and were thanked for their detailed report.
Sylvia asked about accruals and John Bergin explained that some bills were not paid as yet and some cheques were not cashed prior to 3oth Apr our year ending. John also explained the legal bill was to sort our boundry line at the top end of the top pitch where we meet the oil company and for Sports Capital Grant application.
The Financial report was proposed by Willie Coughlan and Second by Sylvia Kennedy.
PJ Hoctor said the total taken in on the Lotto was €43,385. And four people in the Club sold €35,000 of that. PJ said that we need more from the committee and the Club selling tickets as the lotto is our main income into the Club. The Chairman said that hopefully Clubforce who are coming on board for the coming season might help to generate more lotto sales every week.

Election of Committee for coming season 22/23
An apology from Lisa Byrnes was sent in by mail as Lisa could not attened but offered her help for the new season in any way she could. The Chairman thanked Lisa for her work in the past and looked forward to the new season.
Those for re election for the next 2 seasons were John Corboy, Barry Hayes John Nettleship.
John Corboy proposed Mr Andy Murphy to be a member of the committee. And this was accepted by all
Liam Lennon proposed that the three members up for re election be voted in block back on to the committee as there were no other proposals. This was seconded by Willie Coughlan. As there was no counter proposals all three outgoing members were re elected.

PJ Hoctor asked about membership fees for coming season. It was stated with all that happened in the past two years money was tight and we couldn’t look to put the fees up. So €65 for all adults €45 for all underage and students. The seniors were to pay €10 per week to include training and matches and Refs. 
Meeting ended.

General Motions

There are two different motions shown below:

1)    The motion is to Advertise the Position of Senior First Team manager in local papers and online forums and interview process to follow upon Application" – Submitted by Stuart Devine

2)    Club Constitutional Update – Submitted by BTFC Committee
From the current Constitution article 17 is to be updated as follows:

Currently says:
17.    No elected Committee Member shall serve more than 2 years without offering himself for re-election

Re wording as

"No elected Committee Member shall serve more than 3 years without offering himself for election as per the following rotation schedule. On the year of approval of the following article, the rotation schedule for members elected at the AGM of that year shall be as follows:
Year 1 Secretary, Underage Officer plus two Ordinary Members 
Year 2 Treasurer, PRO plus two Ordinary Members
Year 3 Chairperson, Child Welfare plus two Ordinary Members
Subsequent years then repeat this rotation. 
The sequence of the ordinary member posts' rotation shall be determined at the first committee following the introduction of this rotation schedule. "

Election of Officers
As outlined in the advertised nomination process all committee positions were put up for election. The following nominations were received for the various posts:
•    Chairperson    Geoff Liffey
•    Secretary        Ronan Mugan
•    Treasurer        PJ Hoctor
•    PRO            Andy Murphy
•    Child Welfare    Erin Byrne
•    Underage Officer John Cahill

•    Ordinary Members 6 Positions with 10 nominations as follows

  •  John Bergin
  •  John Corboy
  •  Stuart Devine
  •  Alan Hoare
  •  Sylvia Kennedy
  •  Liam Lennon
  •  John Nettleship
  •  Derval Scully
  •  Tom Shalloe
  • Teresa Wynne